for single ladies

To My Lovely Ladies

To my lovely ladies: At some point, we have to stop having checklists and start having standards. Yes, he’s cute, but what does his spirit look like? Yes, he’s educated, but when was the last time he read his Bible? Yes, he’s successful, but does he tithe? Yes, pays for you, but does he pray for you? Checklists are OK, but when you strip away all of the things on the surface, be sure that who you find beneath is someone worth sharing your world with…and more importantly, be sure that the woman you are compliments the man you want him to be. 💗



Attraction vs Interest

Ladies, there is a difference between attraction and interest. Someone who is attracted to you might send a text to tell you how beautiful you are, but someone who is interested in you actually spends time with you to find out WHO you are…from what excites you or what makes you cry, all the way down to how you got that childhood scar or the plans for your life that sometimes keep you up at night. Anyone with eyes can be attracted to you. Wait for the one who is interested in you.